Live Oak District

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Every scout deserves a trained leader. Training may sometimes seem like a waste of time but it can improve every aspect of you scouting experience. Each county has county trainers. They can help you get almost any training you need and can do it as a unit so everyone can get it done at one time. Here's a list of them:

County Trainers

Caldwell county - Jim Beck

Gonzales county - 

Dewitt county - Warren Buchhorn

Lavaca county - Jamie Wenske

We are in the planning stages for some training events. We will post them as we get them set.

If you have any questions about training, would like to sign up, or volunteer to help, or if you have any other training related questions, please email Jamie Wenske at


District Indoor Training

District Outdoor Training

What Training Do I Need?

Wood Badge

Powder Horn

Mega Training

Online Training