Live Oak District

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My Scouting -

This is the most valuable tool you could possibly have access to. All of the tools on the old site have been moved to this site under "Legacy Web Tools" so from here you have access to :

Be A Scout                          Be A Scout Membership Application Status          Best Practices                 Internet Advancement                Internet Rechartering

Journey To Excellence       Journey To Excellence Resources                          Manage Member ID       Service Hour Reporting              Tour and Activity Plan

Training Validation              Voice of the Scout

In addition to the Legacy tools, you also have access to many things based on your position. You can possibly view your rosters, training and YPT reports, update training records and enter new trainings you may have done as a unit, log contacts if you're a commissioner, any many more possibilities.

There is a mobile version now as well.

All online training is now done through this website. 

Here are a few more websites that may be of interest:

Please email [email protected].com if you have any other suggestions for useful tools.