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2019 Spring Camporee
March 29th - 31st at Camp Green Dickson

2019 Live Oak Challenge – The Oregon Trail!

The 2019 Scout Live Oak Challenge theme will be “The Oregon Trail” and held March 29th – 31st at Green Dickson Scout Camp.

Patrols will race from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon passing through key stopping locations, just as the original Pioneers did. At each location, the Patrols will be given a challenge they will need to complete in order to continue to their next destination. Challenges will be true to the period and similar to problems Pioneers faced on the Oregon Trail. Patrols will travel with a Covered Wagon they have built ahead of time, made mostly out of wood. In the Wagon, they will carry the things they will need in order to make the journey to Oregon City. After the Patrols arrive in Oregon City, we have a Wagon race.

The Patrol Wagon will need to meet the following specifications and will be judged for Authenticity:

  • Minimum, 2’ Wide by 5’ Long (Actual Prairie Schooners were approximately 4’ X 10’)
  • Wood construction (No metal or plastic bodies)
  • Wooden wheels and Axles (No inflatable tires)
  • Able to safely carry one Scout and gear at the same time
  • Room for gear like cookware, tools and blankets
  • Built tough. The Wagon will be pulled through challenging terrain
  • No motors, modern driving mechanisms or whips for the mules

A partial Equipment List for what needs to be carried in the Wagon:

  • Nothing that didn’t exist in the early 1800’s
  • Food and water for the mules (Scouts)
  • Cookware (lunch will be cooked over an open fire on the trail)
  • Mess kits
  • Matches (no lighters, gas or liquid fuels)
  • Firepans (cooking fires will be built in containers off of the ground and left over coals will be packed out)
  • Food to cook for lunch
  • Tools to repair the Wagon (No electric tools)
  • Spare Wagon parts
  • Blankets and tarps
  • Rope and twine
  • No paperware, plasticware or plastic trash bags etc.
  • Period clothing is preferred, but a hat, sunscreen and water bottle is required.

A map to Oregon City will be given to each Patrol. There will be more than one route, so basic map and compass skills is a must. Skills that will be needed:

  • Map and Compass use
  • Fire building
  • First Aid
  • Cooking
  • Leave No Trace
  • Wagon repair
  • Teamwork and Leadership

After everyone arrives in Oregon City, we will have a wagon race and then circle the wagons for the town cookout where each Patrol will cook something up to share at the Oregon City Festival dinner at the new Pavilion. All cooking will be done over open fires in fire safe pans off of the ground. I recommend two metal hog feed pans, one upside down, stacked on the ground for fire pans. Patrols are to bring their own food, cookware, fire pans, eating utensils and plates. No paper, plastic, or styrofoam will be allowed. Patrols are responsible for setting up their own wash stations for cleanup after the meal. This will be a low trash generating event just like in the 1800’s.

As usual, we will need OA members and Adult leaders to help setup and manage the stopping points along the trail. Before the Camporee, each Troop will be assigned one or two locations to setup and run.

Please contact me with questions or suggestions.


Kurt Regenbrecht

361 258-1897

2019 District Pinewood Derby

We will also have the District Pinewood Derby on that Saturday as well as other cub scout events. Check back for a list of events and a schedule.